Volf Bronner


Volf Moiseevich Bronner
Soviet anti-Syphilis propaganda, 1926.jpg
Soviet anti-syphilis propaganda, Moscow, 1926. Image shows Dr Volf Bronner to the right of the wagon, outside the State Venereological Institute.[1]
Cause of deathExecuted
EducationUniversity of Berlin
Known forFounded State Venereology Institute, Moscow
Medical career
InstitutionsState Venereology Institute, Moscow

Volf (or Wolf) Moiseevich Bronner (Russian: Вольф Моисеевич Броннер) (1876–1939) was a Russian physician, venereologist, and anti-syphilis campaigner who founded the State Venereological Institute in Moscow of which he became the director.

He was politically active in his youth, and expelled from his first university for it. In 1937, he was arrested on suspicion of spying and terrorist activity, and executed in 1939.

Early life

Volf Bronner was born in Buriat-Mongolia in 1876. He attended high school in Chita and then began to study medicine at the University of Tomsk but was expelled because of his revolutionary political activities.[2] One of his classmates at Tomsk was A. T. Trubacheev, later the People's Commissar of Public Health of the Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.[3] He continued his medical studies at the University of Berlin from where he obtained his doctorate in medicine in 1900.[2]

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