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H. Rider Haggard, KBE (d/; 1856 – 1925) was an English writer, largely of adventure fiction, but also of non-fiction. The eighth child of a Norfolk barrister and squire,[1] through family connections he gained employment with Sir Henry Bulwer during the latter's service as lieutenant-governor of Natal, South Africa.[2] Rider Haggard travelled to southern Africa in 1875 and remained in the country for six years, during which time he served as Master of the High Court of the Transvaal and an adjutant of the Pretoria Horse.[1]

Rider Haggard's time in Africa proved inspirational for him,[3] and while still in Natal he wrote two articles for The Gentleman's Magazine describing his experiences.[4] He returned to Britain in 1881 and was called to the bar; while studying he wrote his first book, Cetywayo and His White Neighbours, a critical examination of Britain's policies in South Africa.[2] Two years later he published his first work of fiction, Dawn. In 1885 he wrote one of his most popular novels, King Solomon's Mines—detailing the life of the adventurer Allan Quatermain—which was followed by She: A History of Adventure (1886), which introduced the female character Ayesha, both of which became series of books;[a] according to the author Morton N. Cohen, writing for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, much of Rider Haggard's reputation rests on these two works.[2] Although he mostly concentrated on his non-fiction and his novels, he also produced a number of short-stories, which have been released in three collections.[3]

Rider Haggard was interested in land affairs and wrote several works on the subject; in 1895 he served on a government commission to examine Salvation Army labour colonies, and in 1911 he served on the Royal Commission examining coastal erosion. He was an inveterate letter writer to The Times, and had nearly 100 letters published by the newspaper.[1][2]

Publications in periodicals and newspapers

Illustration by A Forestier, from "Mr. Meeson's Will", published in the June 1888 edition of The Illustrated London News.
Illustration by Richard Caton Woodville, Jr. of a H. Rider Haggard short story, "Cleopatra", published in The Illustrated London News
Illustration by Richard Caton Woodville, Jr. of a H. Rider Haggard short story, "Cleopatra", published in The Illustrated London News
Illustration by Richard Caton Woodville, Jr. of a H. Rider Haggard short story, "Nada the Lily", published in The Illustrated London News
Rider Haggard, later in life
Rider Haggard's work in periodicals and newspapers
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Title[6] Date of
"A Zulu War-Dance" July 1877 The Gentleman's Magazine
"A Visit to the Chief" September 1877 The Gentleman's Magazine
"Hydrophobia" (letter) 3 November 1885 The Times
"The Land Question" (letter) 28 April 1886 The Times
"About Fiction" February 1887 The Contemporary Review
"Mr Rider Haggard and His Critics" (letter) 27 April 1887 The Times
"Our Position in Cyprus" July 1887 The Contemporary Review
"American Copyright" (letter) 11 October 1887 The Times
"On Going Back" November 1887 Longman's Magazine
"Delagoa Bay" (letter) 17 December 1887 The Times
"South African Policy" (letter) 27 December 1887 The Times
"Suggested Prologue to a Dramatised Version of She" March 1888 Longman's Magazine
"Mr. Meeson's Will" 18 June 1888 The Illustrated London News
"The Wreck of the Copeland" 18 August 1888 The Illustrated London News
"Cleopatra" 3 December 1888 The Illustrated London News
"Hydrophobia and Muzzling" (letter) 25 October 1889 The Times
"The Annals of Natal" 23 November 1889 The Saturday Review
"Mummy at St Mary / Woolnoth's" (letter) 25 December 1889 The Times
"Mummies" (letter) 27 December 1889 The Times
"The Fate of Swaziland" January 1890 The New Review
"In Memoriam" 17 May 1890 Thompson's Seasons
"American Copyright" (letter) 5 June 1890 The Times
"Mr Herbert Ward and Mr Stanley" 10 November 1890 The Times
"Nada the Lily" 2 January 1892 The Illustrated London News
"A New Argument Against Creation" 19 December 1892 The Times
"My First Book. Dawn. By H. Rider Haggard" April 1893 The Idler
"The Tale of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift" 4 October 1893 The True Story Book
"Lobengula" (letter) 19 October 1893 The Times
"The New Sentiment" (letter) 6 November 1893 The Times
"Wanted—Imagination" 25 December 1893 The Times
"The Fate of Captain Patterson's Party" 28 December 1893 The Times
"The Three Volume Novel" (letter) 27 July 1894 The Times
"The Adventures of John Gladwyn Jebb" (letter) 30 October 1894 The Times
"Agriculture in Norfolk" (letter) 30 October 1894 The Times
"The Nelson Bazaar" (letter) 16 February 1895 The Times
"Everything is Peaceful" (letter) 20 March 1895 The Times
"Lord Kimberley in Norfolk" (letter) 17 April 1895 The Times
"The East Norfolk Election" (letter) 23 July 1895 The Times
"The East Norfolk Election" (letter) 29 July 1895 The Times
"Wilson's Last Fight" 7 October 1895 The True Story Book
"The Crisis in the Transvaal" (letter) 2 January 1896 The Times
"The Transvaal Crisis" (letter) 13 January 1896 The Times
"Jameson's Surrender" (letter) 14 March 1896 The Times
"The Rinderpest in South Africa" (letter) 5 November 1896 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard and Dr Neufeld" (letter) 9 January 1899 The Times
"Shrinkage of Population in Agricultural Districts" (letter) 9 May 1899 The Times
"The South African Crisis—An Appeal" (letter) 1 July 1899 The Times
"Commandant-General Joubert and Mr H Rider Haggard" (letter) 8 September 1899 The Times
"Anglo-African Writers' Club" 17 October 1899 The Times
"The War" (letter) 25 October 1899 The Times
"Farming in 1899" (letter) 22 December 1899 The Times
"Farming in 1899" (letter) 1 January 1900 The Times
"Settlement of Soldiers in South Africa" (letter) 5 May 1900 The Times
"1881 and 1900" (letter) 2 October 1900 The Times
"An Incident of African History by H Rider Haggard" December 1900 The Windsor Magazine
"Farming in 1900" (letter) 1 January 1901 The Times
"Central and Associated Chambers of Agriculture" (letter) 6 November 1901 The Times
"Small Holdings" (letter) 8 November 1901 The Times
"Rural England" (letter) 4 February 1903 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard on Rural Depopulation" 3 May 1903 The Times
"Agricultural Distress" (letter) 11 June 1903 The Times
"The Motor Problem" (letter) 24 June 1903 The Times
"Fiscal Policy and Agriculture" (letter) 16 December 1903 The Times
"Telepathy (?) Between a Human Being and a Dog" (letter) 21 July 1904 The Times
"Telepathy (?) Between a Human Being and a Dog" (letter) 9 August 1904 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard on Small Holdings" 12 September 1904 The Times
"Case L.1139 Dream" October 1904 Journal of the Society for Psychical Research
"Mr Rider Haggard on Agriculture" 22 October 1904 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard on Rural Housing" 27 October 1904 The Times
"The Deserted Village" (letter) 25 August 1905 The Times
"Decrease of Population and the Land" (letter) 6 January 1906 The Times
"Prevention of Cruelty to Children" 3 February 1906 The Times
"The New Land and Tenure Bill" (letter) 12 March 1906 The Times
"Garden City Association" 17 March 1906 The Times
"Mr H. Rider Haggard on the Zulus" 19 May 1906 The Illustrated London News
"To Be Proof against British Bullets: A Zulu Incantation" 19 May 1906 The Illustrated London News
"Housing of the Working Classes" 26 June 1906 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard on Small Holdings" 4 July 1906 The Times
"The Unemployed and Waste City Lands" (letter) 19 July 1906 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard on the Transvaal Constitution" 7 August 1906 The Times
"Vanishing East Anglia" 1 September 1906 The Saturday Review
"The Landgrabbing at Plaistow" 5 September 1906 The Times
"The Land Tenure Bill" 22 November 1906 The Times
"Publishers and the Public" (letter) 19 February 1907 The Times
"The Careless Children" 2 March 1907 The Saturday Review
"The Government and the Land" (letter) 29 April 1907 The Times
"Chambers of Agriculture" 2 May 1907 The Times
"The Government and the Land" (letter) 8 May 1907 The Times
"Miss Jebb on Small Holdings" 15 June 1907 Country Life
"Rural Housing and Sanitation Association" 27 June 1907 The Times
"St Thomas Hospital Medical School" 28 June 1907 The Times
"The Land Question" 4 July 1907 The Times
"A Plea for the Sitting Tennant" (letter) 12 August 1907 The Times
"A Literary Coincidence" (letter) 19 October 1907 The Spectator
"Town Planning Conference" 26 October 1907 The Times
"Dr Barnardo's Homes" 16 November 1907 The Times
"The Proposed Agricultural Party" 5 December 1907 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard and Small Holdings" 10 January 1908 The Times
"Mr Haggard and Children's Legislation" 13 March 1908 The Times
"The Drink Trade and Common Sense" (letter) 2 April 1908 The Times
"The Zulus: the Finest Savage Race in the World" June 1908 The Pall Mall Magazine
"Sparrows" (letter) 18 August 1908 The Times
"Sparrows, Rats and Humanity" (letter) 5 September 1908 The Times
"The Letters of Queen Victoria" (letter) 26 November 1908 The Times
"The Romance of the World's Greatest Rivers" December 1908 Travel Magazine
"Afforestation. Mr Rider Haggard's View" 1 March 1909 The Times
"The Late Sir Marshal Clarke" (letter) 13 April 1909 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard on Agriculture" 27 November 1909 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard on South Africa " 11 March 1910 The Times
"Why?" (letter) 25 April 1910 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard on Irish Agriculture" 23 May 1910 The Times
"Why Not?" (letter) 12 July 1910 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard on Agriculture" 16 September 1910 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard on Vermin" 8 November 1910 The Times
"Danish High Schools" 21 December 1910 The Times
"Sugar Beet Growing in Norfolk" 6 March 1911 The Times
"Rural Denmark" (letter) 22 March 1911 The Times
"Rural Denmark" (letter) 3 April 1911 The Times
"The Copyright Bill" (letter) 6 June 1911 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard on Poverty. The Burden of Civilization" 15 July 1911 The Times
"Mr Rider Haggard and the Public Records" 28 July 1911 The Times
"The Farmers' Burden" 1 December 1911 The Times
"Egyptian Date Farm. The Financial Aspect" 11 October 1912 The Times
"Umslopogaas and Makokel. Sir H. Rider Haggard on Zulu Types" (letter) 16 August 1913 The Times
"The Death of Mark Haggard" (letter) 10 October 1914 The Times
"On the Land. Old Problems and New Ways. The War—and After." 15 March 1915 The Times
"Soldiers as Settlers. After-War Problem for the Empire" 20 August 1915 The Times
"Raids by Air. Zeppelins and Zeppelins" (letter) 22 October 1915 The Times
"Women's Work on the Land. A Palliative in Hard Times" (letter) 29 November 1915 The Times
"Women on the Land. Town Girls' Unfitness for Farm Work" (letter) 9 December 1915 The Times
"Soldiers as Settlers. Sir Rider Haggard's Oversea Mission" 2 February 1916 The Times
"Soldiers as Settlers" (letter) 7 February 1916 The Times
"Soldier Settlers. The Future of Rural England. Sir Rider Haggard's Mission" (letter) 10 February 1916 The Times
"Farewell Luncheon to Sir Rider Haggard" March 1916 United Empire
"Soldier Settlers for the Empire. Offer from Victoria" 18 April 1916 The Times
"Sir R Haggard's Tour. Land for Ex-Service Men" 22 July 1916 The Times
"Sir H. Rider Haggard's Mission. Land for Ex-Soldiers" 1 August 1916 The Times
"Land for Ex-Soldiers. Outline of Sir R. Haggard's Report" 12 August 1916 The Times
"Empire Land Settlement Deputation to the Secretary of State for the Colonies and the President of the Board of Agriculture" September 1916 United Empire
"Empire Land Settlement by Sir Rider Haggard" December 1916 United Empire
"A Journey through Zululand by Sir H Rider Haggard" December 1916 The Windsor Magazine
"Mr Wilson's Note. British Publicity" 28 December 1916 The Times
"Home Produce" (letter) 22 February 1917 The Times
"The Milk Supply" (letter) 11 April 1917 The Times
"Corn Production Bill. A National Measure" (letter) 13 June 1917 The Times
"A Protest and a Plea. Farmers and Meat" (letter) 9 October 1917 The Times
"Pig-Breeding. A Subject for Municipal Enterprise" (letter) 22 February 1918 The Times
"The German Colonies. Interests of the Dominions" (letter) 5 November 1918 The Times
"Light—More Light!" (letter) 19 November 1918 The Times
"A Great American. Tributes to the Late Mr Roosevelt" (letter) 8 January 1919 The Times
"Shut the Door" (letter) 10 March 1919 The Times
"Population and Housing. Emigration v Birth Control" 25 March 1919 The Times
"The Ex-Kaiser" (letter) 11 April 1919 The Times
"Empire Birth-Rate. Sir Rider Haggard on Emigration" 17 April 1919 The Times
"Ex-Service Men Abroad. Warnings from California" (letter) 10 May 1919 The Times
"Edith Cavell" (letter) 16 May 1919 The Times
"The Ex-Kaiser. Uncertainties of Trial" (letter) 8 July 1919 The Times
"Race Suicide Peril. Western Civilization Threatened" 11 October 1919 The Times
"The British Cinema. Production of Reputable Films" (letter) 5 November 1919 The Times
"Horrors on the Film. Limits of Publicity" (letter) 19 November 1919 The Times
"The Hill of Death by Sir H Rider Haggard" December 1919 The Windsor Magazine
"The British Museum" (letter) 24 January 1920 The Times
"Air Exploration and Empire" (letter) 7 February 1920 The Times
"The Liberty League. A Campaign Against Bolshevism" (letter) 3 March 1920 The Times
"Bolshevist Peril. Counter-Propaganda" 4 March 1920 The Times
"The Empire's Vacant Lands. Settlers and the Food Supply" 14 April 1920 The Times
"Films and Happy Endings. The Tyranny of a Convention" (letter) 21 April 1921 The Times
"Land and its Burdens. Evil of Grinding Taxation" (letter) 8 August 1921 The Times
"Boy Emigrants" (letter) 31 March 1922 The Times
"Migration and Morals. Declining Birther Rate" 7 April 1922 The Times
"Labour Party's Programme. Confiscation and Class Hatred" (letter) 28 October 1922 The Times
"Efficient Denmark. Keeping the People on the Land" 7 December 1922 The Times
"The Egyptian Find. Tombs of Eighteenth Dynasty Queens" (letter) 19 December 1922 The Times
"King Tutankhamen. Reburial in Great Pyramid" (letter) 13 February 1923 The Times
"The Norfolk Dispute. A Truce while There is Time" (letter) 3 April 1923 The Times
"Rural Post and Telephone. Minister's Reply to Deputation" 19 April 1923 The Times
"Liberalism and Land Reform" (letter) 1 May 1923 The Times
"Small Holdings. Influence of Heredity" (letter) 4 July 1923 The Times
"Agricultural Parcel Post" 26 July 1923 The Times
"Country Houses for Sale. Empty East Anglian Mansions" (letter) 14 June 1924 The Times
"Plight of Agriculture" 24 July 1924 The Times
"Loans From British Museum" (letter) 30 July 1924 The Times
"Zinovieff Letter. Mr MacDonald and a "Political Plot". A Matter of Honour" (letter) 29 October 1924 The Times
"Two Centuries of Publishing. Tributes to Messrs. Longmans" 6 November 1924 The Times
"Imagination and War" 26 November 1924 The Times
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