Chevy Commons

Chevy Commons is a park along the Flint River between downtown Flint, Michigan, and Kettering University. Formerly the site of a Chevrolet factory widely known as "Chevy in the Hole", it has been redeveloped and revitalized since 2015 as event space and recreational areas with restored grasslands, meadows, wetlands, and woodlands. It also features green spaces, low-maintenance native plants, and walking trails. It is being constructed in five phases, the first three of which were completed and open to the public by July 2018. The fourth phase is expected to be complete by October 2018, while the fifth and final phase should be finished by July 2019. In total, the creation of Chevy Commons is expected to cost approximately $17.3 million, and it is part of a broader, $36.8-million project to change the landscape of the Flint River in Downtown Flint.


Between downtown and Kettering University along the Flint River in Flint, Michigan,[1] what is now Chevy Commons was the site of a sawmill and a paper mill before becoming the home of Flint Wagon Works in the 1880s.[2] It is better known as the site of a former Chevrolet factory called Chevrolet Flint Manufacturing but widely known as "Chevy in the Hole".[3][4] Automotive manufacturing at the factory began in 1904, and it employed 14,000 workers at its zenith.[2][5] It was also the location of the Flint sit-down strike.[4] The last buildings on the site were demolished in 2004 by automotive parts supplier Delphi, leaving it as a brownfield.[2][5][6] For numerous years before the idea of Chevy Commons took form in 2014, blight elimination at Chevy in the Hole was considered.[1]

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